Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA

and surrounding areas.

Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA?
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Sometimes, it’s hard to find time to keep your business clean. Even if you do, it’s always better to let a professional take care of it. Cleanscapes Design is here to give your business a cleaning overhaul.

With our cleaning experience, we know the best methods to make your business presentable. You can also make your staff feel better about coming to work, which can make them more productive.

We’ll use the best cleaning products around to make your business spotless. It’s not easy to work when you’ve got a cluttered work environment, so let us change that for you and your employees.

You should have a business that’s worth going to, and that starts with a thorough cleaning. Call 540-818-4986 now for an estimate!

We Offer Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA

Whether your business has been neglected and gotten dirty or you just want a touch-up, you’ve come to the right place. We know that you’re busy with projects, paperwork, and deadlines. Sometimes it’s hard to fit time for cleaning into your schedule. That’s why Cleanscapes Design offers a number of services for you to choose from. We care about you and your employees.

Maybe your staff cleans their own workspaces, but can you always depend on that? Our cleaning experts will sanitize each area of your business and make it safer to work. We know the importance of eliminating germs and viral contaminants, especially these days. You can come to work knowing that we’ve been there to clean. For peace of mind, give us a call today at 540-818-4986 for an estimate!

Complete Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA

Being in charge of a business can be tough on your schedule. It’s not always easy to make time for cleaning, so things can pile up. When that happens, you can get overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning that needs done. Cleanscapes Design has a team of accredited staff. You can count on us to give you a clean work environment when you call 540-818-4986 now!

In Search of Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA?

When you own or run a business, keeping it clean can have a lot of benefits. Staff can be more productive and want to come to work more, for example. You can hire us as often as you want and take advantage of our services. You could go with a one-time deep cleaning, or you might prefer a routine cleaning. We can come in weekly, monthly, or even daily to fit your busy schedule.

Some companies don’t clean all areas of your business, but Cleanscapes Design will take care of your floors and carpet. If you want to know more of our services, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Rooms, including the kitchen or bathroom, cleaned and disinfected
  • Taking out any clutter or trash
  • Windows and mirrors wiped down and cleaned
  • Numerous surfaces cleaned and disinfected
  • Expert dusting to remove any germs and allergens in the air
  • Restocking your paper towels and toilet paper
  • We’ll have your business smelling clean again

With all the stress in the workplace, cleaning shouldn’t add to it. Call us today at 540-818-4986 and let us take care of any cleaning you need!

Commercial Cleaning Services in Richcreek, VA You Can Trust

Choosing the right cleaner is a must for the best results. Cleanscapes Design can help if your business is going through something like:

  • Overworked staff that don’t have time to clean
  • Too many projects on your plate
  • You just started a new company
  • The office isn’t clean enough for your liking
  • You expected a level of cleaning from another company that didn’t live up to your standards

Cleaning is one way to show your appreciation of employees and give them a safer work environment. Our team can help with your needs when you dial 540-818-4986 today!

We Offer the Following Cleaining Services in Pembroke, VA

and the surrounding areas!

Our Office is located in Pembroke, VA and we serve the following areas:
  • Blacksburg, VA
  • Christianburg, VA
  • Dublin, VA
  • Fairlawn, VA
  • Narrows, VA
  • Pearisburg, VA
  • Radford, VA
  • Richcreek, VA

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Cleanscapes, on Homeadvisor


I don’t live in the area. I hired Cleanscapes to get my condo ready for new tenants. They did everything I asked them to do. I would use them again!

-Erica H.


Excellent experience, great workers very dependable. Did a very good job. I reccomend them highly.

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Cleanscapes, on Thumbtack

Cleanscapes deep cleaned my house after a construction project. They did a fantastic job of thoroughly cleaning the main areas of the house and I’m finally excited to be hanging out in these rooms again. The guys were professional, personable, and attentive! I will definitely use them again.
-Sam H.
Cleanscapes was not only on time but went throughout the house asking questions about areas to be cleaned. Dawn and the sweet lady with her were professional and thorough. The place had a lot of wear and tear and not only looked thoroughly cleaned and carpets shampooed, but smelled clean. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
-Willis E.